Cross docking

Cross docking is an effective solution for companies (manufacturers, transporters, distributors, contractors and suppliers) as it reduces risks, transportation hassles, administration and storage costs considerably. It allows clients to route product from one or multiple site(s) to the Maverix distribution center strategically located near to the designated customer population.  You can instruct the transport trucks drivers to unload all materials at our warehouses and we will load them onto an outbound vehicle for redistribution either on the same day or next day as per requirement. It is is minimum hassle for companies located in areas where trucks cannot drive through. In addition to load and unload , we can also store the materials goods according to the requirement until the date of delivery at a considerably cheaper rate.

Overseas clients can also benefit from this function by shipping the products in bulk from manufacturing plants to Maverix warehouse where it is deconsolidated into multiple shipments and delivered directly to customers.  Additionally, special packaging and labeling requirements can be met as a value-added function of the Maverix cross dock service offering.



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